Joey completed the four-day Star Basic Builder school in October 2019.

The main focus of the class was the basics of metal building construction and how to price and order a building through Star’s pricing system, SBS. But the school also covered a wide variety of topics such as bracing, codes & loads, hardwall & warranties.
The class also educated students with how important it is to be the company with:

  • shorter production times
  • sharper estimates
  • greater added value for their clients
  • time and cost savings


“At Star Basic Builder School, we show you how to stop looking at the metal building as a skeleton or stand alone building, and, instead, look at how it interacts with the entire project, from ground work to installation, to exterior and interior finishes, and how all of those things affect and are affected by the metal building.”
-Kevin Gatewood, Senior Estimator at Star Building Systems

Latest News / July 29, 2021
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